Enrique Iglesias U.S.A

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Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (English /?n?ri?ke? ???l?si?s/; Spanish pronunciation: [en?rike i??lesjas], born May 8, 1975), simply known as Enrique Iglesias, is a Spanish singer-songwriter, actor, and record producer. Iglesias started his career in the mid-1990s on an American Spanish Language record label Fonovisa which helped turn him into one of the biggest stars in Latin America and the Hispanic Market in the United States becoming the biggest seller of Spanish-language albums of that decade. By the turn of the millennium he made a successful crossover into the mainstream market and signed a multi-album deal with Universal Music Group for an unprecedented US $48,000,000 with Universal Music Latino to release his Spanish albums and Interscope to release English albums. In 2010, he parted with Interscope and signed with another Universal Music Group label, Universal Republic Records, however in late 2012, Republic Records was revived after eleven years of being dormant, shuttering Universal Republic Records taking all the artists from that label to Republic Records including Iglesias.

Popular Songs

  Name Year Popularity
Cuando Me Enamoro 2010-07-05
One Day At A Time 2010-07-05
No Me Digas Que No 2010-07-05
I Can Feel Your Heartbeat 2010-07-05
Dirty Dancer 2010-07-05
Para Qué La Vida